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Port-to-port shipping (PTP/P2P) is the transportation of goods from the port of origin to the port of destination, essentially forming the middle leg of the whole logistics operation.

It’s pretty straightforward - the shipper is responsible for getting the goods to the port of origin, and the consignee is responsible for getting them from the destination port.

There's no transport chain involved in a normal PTP process, which can result in streamlined and more cost-effective shipping. Plus, since PTP only involves one main run, it's easier to make reservations and keep track of the shipment.

Cargo Preparation:
The first step in the port-to-port shipping process involves preparing the cargo for shipment. This includes packing, labeling, and ensuring that the goods meet all regulatory requirements for international shipping.

Delivery to the Port of Loading:
Once the cargo is prepared, it is transported to the port of loading. This could be a seaport or a dry port depending on the location and logistics involved.

Loading and Departure:
At the port of loading, the cargo is loaded onto the shipping vessel.

During transit, the cargo is subject to various checks and inspections to ensure it remains secure and intact.

Arrival at the Port of Destination:
Upon reaching the port of destination, the cargo is unloaded from the ship.

Finally, the consignee or their appointed agent collects the cargo from the port of destination.


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